MYCOSCORB A+ Toxin Removal 1Kg


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Alltech introduces a science-backed proprietary toxin binder for mycotoxins management for horses. The broad-spectrum blend supports the natural defence mechanism against the harmful effects of high mycotoxin levels. It addresses these challenges as a whole instead of focusing on individual toxins. The holistic approach generates optimal results.

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Mycotoxins are a form of natural toxins, often found in moldy feed grains and grassy forages. At present, there are over 500 mycotoxins that have been identified. Environmental elements (i.e. temperature, humidity, and moisture) accelerate mold growth. These toxins are typically found in the field (Fusarium, aflatoxins, and Endophyte toxins) or in stored feed grains (Penicillium and Aspergillus).

Horses are ‘the most sensitive species’ affected by excessive consumption of fumonisms and aflatoxin in grains and tremorgenic mycotoxins in dallisgrass. Mold invasion could cause adverse reactions that include:

  • Liver damage
  • Lameness
  • Weaken immune system
  • Loss of appetite followed by excessive weight loss
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Infertility and reproduction issues ( i.e. low sperm quality, irregular heat cycle, extended gestation, risk of embryonic mortality/miscarriages)
  • Gastrointestinal or GI issues (i.e. Abdominal pain, lesions in the intestinal tract, and increased gut pathogens)
  • Poor coordination and balance issues
  • Muscle spasms/seizures
  • High-risk of jaundice 

What does MYCOSCORB A+ do?

MYCOSCORB A+ interacts with different mycotoxins to negate these risks. The toxin binder assists the natural removal of mycotoxins through healthy elimination. It facilitates faster recovery by supporting immune health.

Key Benefits

  • Yeast-based blend with zero traces of fillers, additives, and artificial ingredients
  • High efficiency and low effective inclusion rate
  • Facilitates gut health and digestive functions
  • It does not bind nutrients
  • Supports the healthy elimination of toxins through feces
  • Promotes immune health & energy levels
  • Safe for insulin-resistant or horses susceptible to inflammation (especially laminitis)

Its many advantages make this nutritional supplement for horses of all ages.

Crude protein 27.5%
Crude fibre 2%
Crude oils and fats 12%
Crude ash 13%
Lysine 1.2%
Methionine 0.3%
Sodium 0.1%

Feeding Rate

The daily serving varies according to age and physical activity.

Foals: 4-8 g per day ( half a 15ml equals 5 grams )

Performance horses: 5-15 g per day ( one flat 15ml scoop equals 10 grams )

Breeding horses: 10-20 g per day ( one rounded 15 mls scoop equals 15 grams )

Supplement your horse’s diet by mixing the directed amount into its feed. Divide the serving if you feed the horse multiple times a day.

As with all new feeds, build up to recommended dose gradually.

*Store in a dry and cool place to retain its effectiveness.

Always keep the bag tightly sealed

Complementary Feed for Horses only

1 Kg


MYCOSCORB A+ is a nutritional supplement for horses only. The manufacturers do not claim any therapeutic or medicinal effects. Add it to your equine feed to support gut health and natural immune health.

Please consult a vet before changing the dosage or for any concerns regarding individual dietary issues.



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