Milk Thistle 40% Extract - 100g

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40% Extract Milk Thistle, Could help combat: Liver Disease

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Milk Thistle
How could it help:  Could help combat Liver Disease by supporting the stimulation of the body's natural regeneration, repair & detoxification of liver cells. Milk Thistle gives nutritional support to horses and ponies for healthy hooves, healthy skin and the immune system. Milk Thistle also has Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties

How does it work:  Milk Thistle seed contains several active constituents; the most important one is bioflavonoid silymarin complex. The silymarin complex protects the liver by: Blocking damaging toxins from entering the liver cells and stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells;  Boosting antioxidant activity by helping cells produce Glutathione, which helps fight free radicals. Silymarin has been shown to raise Glutathione level by 40%. Increasing super oxide dismutase in the red blood cells. Supports the synthesis of new proteins in cells to help cell regeneration.

Milk Thistle Concentrate is 100% natural; free from additives, fillers and FEI Prohibited Substances. Containing at least 40x more active ingredient than standard powder, one 2.5g scoop is the equivalent of 100g of standard powder. (  this will need rewording ). Human grade (FEMAS Assured)

Doseage: Ponies: 10-15g. Horses over 400kg: 15-20g. As with all new feeds, build up to recommended dose gradually. 
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