Slippery Elm (Inner bark) - 500g

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Slippery Elm helps support gastric and colonic health.

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How could it help

Slippery Elm could help support gastric and colonic health and could help prevent colic by assisting with regular bowel movements; neutralises acid, urinary tract health and help with  bacterial balance in the gut. 

How does it work

Naturally occurring polysaccharide (mucilage) in Slippery Elm creates a gel like substance when mixed with water, which helps to coat and soothe inflamed membranes within the digestive tract to help with Colic and Ulcers.

Slippery Elm can also be used externally as a poultice or compress reducing inflammation and help draw out toxins.

Human grade & FEMAS Assured) 

Feeding Rate

Horses (400-700kg) - 15-20g per day.

Ponies (200-400kg) - 10-15g per day. 

15ml level scoop equals 5.2 grams

As an alternative mix into a paste either using water, Aloe Vera or chamomile tea and give 30 minutes before feeding.

As with all new feeds, build up  gradually to recommend amount.

Store in a cool dry place

500 grams





Please Note

If you have any concerns about the welfare of your horse or using any supplement, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children.




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