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Digestion and Performance Supplement

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Vital GI is a carefully selected combination of Actisaf®, Safmannan® and Profeed® (scFOS ) to help aid digestion by maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiota, helping with digestive disorders, aiding protein metabolism, oxygenation, heart function and detoxification, assist Ante, Innate and Adaptive Immunity and  inflammation.

Feeding Rate:

Horses - 40g per day.

Ponies - 20g per day.

Sport Horses in Work - 50g per day.

50 ml level scoop equals 40 grams.

Can also be increased at times of stress. As with all new feeds, build up to the recommended daily feeding rate gradually. 

Store in cool dry place.

Complementary Feed for Horses only

All ingredients sourced from suppliers accredited to recognised food/feed accreditation schemes

Zootechnical Additive, Sacchromyces Cerevisiae CNCM I-4407 (4b1702) 2.5x1011 cfu/kg.

No added Fillers

Always keep the bag tightly sealed.

1.2Kg Pouch


equestrian natural equine health supplements selling Horse health supplements and equestrian natural healthsupplements

Actisaf® Sc47 - PROBIOTIC YEAST 

Advanced management in horse nutrition for better performance. Actisaf® improves protein
metabolism, oxygenation, heart function and detoxification, and reduce inflammation during training..

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Equine intestinal microbiota is known to perform important roles in the maintenance of health and resistance to diseases. Maintaining a balanced gut with an homogeneous and stable microflora supports the body from the inside out. Gut imbalances can occur during high stress times including high intensity training, weaning, breeding, transport, etc. Actisaf® Sc47 could help with readdresses the balance, allowing your horse to enjoy his/her work, whatever it may be. Actisaf® could help increase fibrolytic bacteria and help improve horses’ ability to digest fibers, enabling the animals to use energy from forage better, and therefore utilize the daily ration more efficiently.  Actisaf® helps aids Red blood cell production , raising significantly more hemoglobin levels in the blood than in the control group. This should increase  the horse’s ability to supply the organs with oxygen during periods of strenuous effort. Actisaf® aids fitness so therefore  could help by maintaining body weight during periods of work.

EU registration number: 
4b 1702
Zootechnical additives – Gut flora stabilisers or digestibility enhancers.

equestrian natural equine health supplements selling Horse health supplements and equestrian natural healthsupplements

Safmannan - Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast

This live yeast cell wall B Glucan concentrate protects could help against pathogens including: E.coli, Salmonella, Clostridium and toxins; Aids Ante, Innate and Adaptive Immunity; and may help improves intestinal mucosal morphology.

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Immunomodulation through yeast parietal fraction.  Consistency, Process and Quality are critical points to get a yeast parietal fraction.



equestrian natural equine health supplements selling Horse health supplements and equestrian natural healthsupplements

Profeed® Fructo-Oligosaccharides.

For Equine Athletes, PROFEED® may help stabilise the microbiota, assist with production of SCFA in caecum and prevents D-lactate accumulation in colon when horses are submitted to sudden dietary changes.

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For Laminitics, EMS and Cushings - PROFEED® helps with glucose tolerance,  inflammation, insulin sensitivity and helps host’s metabolism notably insulin sensitivity via endocrine and immune signalling systems

PROFEED® supplies soluble fibres, which helps with changes in the growth and activity of the gastro-intestinal microbiota to aid digestive disorders,. Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides are obtained from beet sugar following an enzymatic bioconversion of sucrose. These soluble fibres will be preferentially used by beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacilli strains. It helps with  the gut microbiota balance, assist glucose homeostasis metabolism, helps reduce D-Lactate accumulation in colon and encourage acetate and butyrate production, helps improve the immune quality in colostrum for breeding mares, aids putrefactive compounds, supports the immune response by interacting with the gut-associated lymphoid tissues. Your assurance in this product comes from the latest assessment techniques to ensure the relation between the feed material and the effect of the claim is properly established, and science-based. Over 20 years and many scientific studies and field trials have confirmed the benefits of PROFEED® 




Please Note

If you have any concerns about the welfare of your horse or using any supplement, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children.




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