Vitamin E - 500g

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Vitamin E (rrr-alpha-tocopherol) could help combat: Athletic Fatigue, Muscle stiffness

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Vitamin E (rr-alpha-tocopherol)
How could it help:  Could help combat: Athletic Fatigue, Muscle stiffness, Equine Motor Neurone Disease
Health Properties: Anti-Oxidant, Supports Stamina and Performance Recovery, May Boost Fertility, Supports a Healthy Immune System. In broodmares, Vitamin E can positively influence fertility and the increased passive transfer of antibodies to foals.

How does it work:  Natural vitamin E is one of the crucial elements in the equine athlete’s dietary regimen. Whether your horse's career involves; racing, eventing, endurance, hacking, or breeding, Vitamin E plays a huge role in their overall health and performance. A horse with a deficiency inf vitamin E can suffer from muscle stiffness and soreness after intense exercise and could be at increased risk of developing Equine Motor Neurone Disease.

Doseage: Horses and ponies - In medium to hard work (performance) – (3-5000 IU) per day.
Horses and ponies - In light work or at rest – (2-3000 IU) per day. As with all new feeds, build up to recommended dose gradually.

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