Natural Vitamin E - 500g

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Vitamin E (rrr-alpha-tocopherol) could help combat: Athletic Fatigue, Muscle stiffness, Bio available

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Natural Vitamin E (rr-alpha-tocopherol)

Complementary feed for horses only

How could it help

Could help combat: Athletic Fatigue, Muscle stiffness, Equine Motor Neurone Disease
Health Properties: Anti-Oxidant, Supports Stamina and Performance Recovery, May Boost Fertility, Supports a Healthy Immune System. In broodmares, Vitamin E can positively influence fertility and the increased passive transfer of antibodies to foals. Respiratory problems

How does it work  

Natural vitamin E is one of the crucial elements in the equine athlete’s dietary regimen. Whether your horse's career involves; racing, eventing, endurance, hacking, or breeding, Vitamin E plays a huge role in their overall health and performance. A horse with a deficiency inf vitamin E can suffer from muscle stiffness and soreness after intense exercise and could be at increased risk of developing Equine Motor Neurone Disease. Also feeding a supplement high in Vitamin E  may help in reducing the severity of respiratory symptoms in horses if they are affected by equine asthma (RAO, COPD, IAD, SPAOPD) or not. Therefore helping with bacteria and free radicals. Vitamin e is high Bio avaliable than synthetic


Feeding Rate

Horses and ponies - In medium to hard work (performance) – (3-5000 IU) per day.
Horses and ponies - In light work or at rest – (2-3000 IU) per day.                                                 

5ml scoop equals 1105 IU of vitamin e                                                  

Manufactured in a factory which is UFAS, NOPS, and ISO22000 certified.

 As with all new feeds, build up to recommended dose gradually.

Store in a cool dry place

500 grams




Please Note

If you have any concerns about the welfare of your horse or using any supplement, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

Also each horse is different in how it responds some might take longer than others to show signs of improvement.



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