( MSM ) Methylsulphonylmethane


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MSM could: relive joint pain, boost performance and aid healing after injury.

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How could it help

Some of the possible benefits: May boost immune system, relieve joint pain, Aid healing after injury, Assist with the maintenance of connective tissues and Help improve skin and hoof quality.

How does it work

Equine Vitality’s Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is a sulphur supplement that may be used to boost the immune system and circulation whilst relieving joint pain. MSM acts as an antioxidant, can aid healing after an injury whilst also assisting with the maintenance of connective tissues surrounding the joints. 

Sulphur is important for keratin, which is found in hair, skin and hooves and aids in cell membrane health and communication between cells including nerve cells. MSM is often used for horses who suffer with arthritis, joint pain and poor hoof condition. 

Horses that show signs of a Sulphur deficiency can benefit greatly from MSM, when used as a supplement within their diet. MSM can also help to boost performance and recovery when used correctly, as it naturally targets the horse’s inflammatory response which supports the repair of the joints and connective tissues.

MSM is widely used in the equine industry and has no known side effects.

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Feeding Rate

Horses - 20g per day split over 2 feeds

One 15ml scoop equals 10 grams

Can be Increased in times of stress. 

As with all new feeds, build up to the recommended daily feeding rate gradually.

Store in cool dry place.

Femas assured

Manufactured in a factory which is  ISO22000 certified.

99.9 Purity

Complementary Feed for Horses only

Always keep the bag tightly sealed.

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