Of all the herbs and natural supplements available for your horse, milk-thistle is one of the most effective, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that milk thistle 80% extract (30% silybin and isosilybin) is now thought to be a wonder-herb for one of a horse's most vital organs?

The liver is perhaps the most multi-purpose organ. Not only does it filter the blood, but it also destroys toxins. Endotoxins, nasty toxins produced when bacteria are broken down, can build up in the horse's liver itself and exacerbate lots of undesirable health conditions in the animal.

The administering of drugs to prevent other diseases can also contribute towards liver disease in horses. As such, a natural remedy to this can be highly valuable.


Current research indicates that active ingredients silybin and milk thistle extract can stimulate the body's response to this toxic build-up and prevent it from reaching harmful levels. This detoxing effect can have surprisingly wide-ranging effects on your horse's overall health.


It can also help with injury recovery
A healthy, detoxed liver can do wonders for the horse's ability to heal when injured. This is because a healthy liver supports the synthesis of new proteins in cells. Without these vital proteins, the body will struggle to repair damaged tissues, meaning that cuts, scratches and other lacerations will take longer to heal. Hormones are the messengers that pass vital chemical information between all of the varied parts of the body.

Horses that have recurrent allergies like heaves or seasonal allergies related to insect bites, known as sweet itch, might benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of this herb. Compounds found in milk thistle might inhibit immune over-reactions that are common in horses with allergies.

Good liver health can allow hormones to travel freely and easily through the bloodstream. This ensures that your horse's whole body is able to run smoothly and will lead to them feeling and looking their best. It can help prevent laminitis.

Laminitis is one of the biggest concerns for horse owners worldwide due to how widespread it is. It is an extremely common, painful condition that affects the soft tissue that attaches the coffin of a horse's hooves to the hoof wall. It can cause painful inflammation and irritation and can prevent a horse from being able to walk or apply weight to the affected hoof. Luckily a good liver health can help to ensure that the level of endotoxins in the hoof is kept low keeping them healthy and strong. Milk thistle (30% silybin and isosilybin) may be just the supplement your horse needs to help ensure a healthy liver and excellent overall health.

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