Wild harvested boswellia serrata equine supplements.

Here at Equine Vitality our aim is to provide ethical produce (Wild Harvested) wherever possible.

What does Wild Harvested mean?

A product that has been wild harvested has been collected by hand from a native ecosystem. Which has widely been undisrupted by humans, so therefore it has not been tilled, logged, or significantly altered from its original character. Because these native ecosystems remain undisturbed environments, they are often treasure troves of plant biodiversity.

Foods which are “wild harvested” are commonly:

  • Natural and organic – meaning they do not contain harmful chemicals that are applied by conventional agriculture.
  • Ethical and fair trade – because wild harvested foods require the knowledge of original people to locate their ancient food sources.
  • Healthy and full of natural nutrition– the fruits are grown in their natural state , allowing them to develop naturally higher compounds such as antioxidants .

Wild harvesting is also environmentally sustainable because it ensures the protection and care of native plants naturally established in that area.

Wild harvested foods are healthier, fairer and more eco-friendly.

Wild harvested plants grow wild in nature without human intervention and are harvested following guidelines - which are:

  • harvesting in areas that are free of pollutants
  • working with natural resources to obtain proper permits
  • planting seeds and roots but always leaving the grandparent plants to allow for future generation seed stock

We now stock Wild Harvested Boswellia along with our also popular product Wild harvested Marshmallow root powder.

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