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 Supporting your horses health and performance.....

Whatever your discipline, your horse requires essential nutrients to maintain his performance and he or she may need a little extra help from time to time to support the inevitable wear and tear from age and exertion. 

  • To help aid recovery from injury
  •  Recovery after competition exertion
  • Maintain health and performance
  • Support the entire digestive system from stresses and dietary changes. 




At a glance - Our mission

 Equine Vitality offers many Pre and Probiotics, natural herbal supplements, herbal remedies,  and plant-based products for the health and well-being of horses and ponies, supporting them naturally and giving them free choice as an individual or to support ill health.

 " What might work for one horse, might not work for another "


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Why natural supplements?

Many of our natural health supplements provide the most essential nutrients to help maintain the good basic health of horses and ponies.

Remember that horses in the old days foraged and grazed over broad areas and ate an assortment of vegetation.

Now with limited grazing and diversity of different plants if at all, vitamin and mineral supplementation and offering herbage are needed to ensure healthy bodily functions and the well-being of horses and ponies.

What are the benefits?

Our herbal line is food grade where available. This means that the herbal remedies have been more rigorously tested than feed-grade quality.

We believe in treating each horse with only one herb at a time so that you are able to make an informed decision about what works best.

Why Equine Vitality?

We believe in using only high quality natural ingredients. Equine Vitality also has plant-based products such as as polysaccharide or mucilage which helps to soothe inflamed digestive tract membranes, aids in urinary tract infections and regular bowel movements, and restores bacterial balance to the horses' and ponies' guts.

Also offering  Pre and Probiotics to help promote beneficial bacteria by providing food and creating an environment where microorganisms can flourish.

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